Life inside a tourbus is lonely and inhealthy for one's liver. So it's good to have friends you can rely on. Here are some of the bands we recommend because we love their music and/or to spend time with them. Checkitoutyeah:
Camper Van Beethoven, this totally crazy drummer named Hendrik Maletzki's bands code_red and Bastyon, Diee Socs, Desert Sun, Nino Ferrer, Giant Sand, Klaus Kornfield, Lord Bishop & The Rockadelic Kings, Oiro, Peppermint Bettys, the beloved and unforgetable Pop Tarts, Robocop Kraus, The Ramones, Sexo y Droga,
our famous friends from Heideck Somethingisrotteninthestateofwallawallabingbong, Nikki Sudden, The Truffauts, Veagaz and especially our very special friends from Berlin bombTexas - division north!


If you're interested in Czech music look out for these phantastic artists:
Cechomor, Jaromir Nohavica, Raduza, Smutny Karel, Indy a Wich, Peneri Strycka Homeboye the fantastic Tatabojs and the unbelievable Uz jsme doma!

Not enough? So if you're planning to learn to play airguitar (check out the hall of fame!) or you're interested in physics (who's not?) or what other friends of us are doing, take this:
metzgereischnitzel, useful things for rainy days, Airguitarheroes, Super8, Bengasi Bombers, Landbierquartett